Some brief thoughts while watching the Oscars

And I do mean brief.

I’m really glad Heath Ledger won. I really don’t feel like it was just a gimmie because he died- he did a fantastic, chilling, insane job in Dark Knight. And I have to think that having previous winners/awesome actors give you compliments had to take some of the sting out of not winning for the other nominees.

Alicia Keyes really does have one of the sexiest speaking voices I’ve ever heard.

I’d forgotten that Bernie Mac had died until I saw the In Memorium montage. Seeing him up there made me really sad.

Anne Hathaway receiving compliments from Shirley MacLaine was one of the best things ever. And it must be hard to be Meryl Streep, because at this point, how do you graciously accept the same compliments you’ve been hearing for most of your life and still seem genuine about it? I do have to say though, that the previous best actors did a better job at coming off as genuine and off the cuff than the previous best actresses- most of them really felt rehearsed.

I wish there had been better filming angles for the Baz Luhrman musical number. I really wanted to see the Mamma Mia drill interpretation more clearly, and they really kind of messed that up from filming from too high up.

Angelina Jolie is breathtaking.

That’s all.

8 thoughts on “Some brief thoughts while watching the Oscars

  1. There seemed to be a lot of poor camera choices, with the worst being the memorial segment. The camera should not have been moving around and making it so hard to read some of the names. It felt really disrespectful.

    I am not sure how I missed Stan Winston’s passing, or somehow forgot it.

  2. Maryanne on

    Yeah, the camera movement during that segment really bugged me as well. It felt like they kept trying to get Queen Latifah in the shot, when really, if you’ve got that gig- even if you’re singing- you’ve got to know you’re coming a far second. They focused on her way too long at the beginning when they should have been showing Cyd Charisse,

  3. sweet, now i don’t have to blog about my three most memorable oscar moments:

    1) statement jewelry has got to go. what was heidi klum or amy adams wearing? i have no idea, ’cause their jewelry was so distracting…

    2) can we officially stop the team aniston/team jolie crap now? they were each there with attractive men looking happy, laughing and clapping at each other. let it go, folks!

    3) i’m so glad kate winslet won. so so glad 🙂

  4. Okay, I just can’t let the Angelina Jolie comment go. I just honestly don’t see it or get the fascination everyone has with her, LOL!

  5. Maryanne on

    Oh, Auntie (that’s your new nickname by the way), she’s just so lovely. Such a beautiful, regal face. I think some of it has to do with the fact that she’s the same age as I am, and has accomplished so many neat things. She just seems to be trying hard to do good with what she’s been given, which is refreshing to me. But you totally don’t have to enjoy her, I still love you! 🙂

  6. Maryanne on

    Brandy, that’s so funny, I totally didn’t notice Heidi Klum’s jewelry, I was too busy looking at Seal. 🙂

    I’m not usually on the Aniston bandwagon- she just doesn’t really charm me- but she looked really lovely and was really pretty funny onstage. I think she needs more roles where she can be wry- she does wry well.

    I was really glad Kate Winslet won too, did you know she would have broken a record had she lost again? That’s just sad, and she’s so talented. Although my DVR cut out right before she won, so I didn’t get to see her acceptance speech.

  7. LOL! I’m glad you still love me and I’m proud to be your Auntie!! Will you still love Larry since he feels the same way?!

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