Having a greige kind of day

I had a weird day today, was in a weird funk from the time I got up. Not the blues, not the mean reds, just a kind of fuzzy in the head, dull grey beige kind of feeling. Greige, if you will; which I read in a magazine the other day is the new black. And I’m totally not making that up. I really did read it. I think it was in Domino. It’s supposed to be the new chic color to paint your walls- which I think would actually make it the new something else rather than black, because I don’t think black is really the go to color when it comes to common home decor for walls. Maybe it was two different articles- one on pants (where the “new black” pronouncement was made) and another about a designer who painted a bunch of her walls greige. That sounds more right.

But anyway. Yes, a weird day. I did get to go on a little shopping excursion with Zoe which was quite enjoyable, actually; she’s getting to the age where she enjoys the process– she got to pick out clothes for Tiny (somehow we’re lacking a bunch of 6-9 month clothes) and then she got to try on a bunch of shoes, which she was thrilled about. She scored with 2 pairs of Airwalks- a blue pair with monkeys and a white pair with stars, and 2 new pairs of Sunday shoes- one white and one black. I got a couple pairs myself (Payless was having a HUGE sale) – some cute brownish/green flats and some brown converse lowtops. It’s time to purge my shoes, I have a bunch that are falling apart or that I never wear- it’s time for them to go. And I got the yoga mat I’ve been wanting to get, along with weights for my workout video of doom- honestly, it’s the hardest workout I’ve ever done in my entire life. Almost a full 50 minutes of ab work. Death, I tell you. We also went to dinner, which was really yummy, so that was nice.

This is rather rambly, isn’t it? And that’s how my brain has been all day, just kind of meander-y, like I can’t really focus on things. It’s somewhat perturbing, because I have the feeling there are a number of things I should be focusing on, but I can’t even pin those down. So I think I’ll go to bed. Stake conference is tomorrow, and I think I’m going by myself- no one will get to listen if Z’s there too, and she totally won’t get that she doesn’t get to go to nursery, plus it’s right at Audrey’s nap time, so B volunteered to stay home with them and I’ll just get to go and listen, which will be lovely. If I can concentrate on what’s being said. Let’s hope the greige is gone by then.

2 thoughts on “Having a greige kind of day

  1. i feel a little greige myself, which i blame on my 100 degree temperature and nighttime flu meds 🙂 but i caught up in jesus the christ; yay!

  2. Great deal on the shoes. I hate it when I have days like your “greige” days. Just kind of an off day from the normal. I don’t follow the trends in decorating bz I decorate for comfort and what means something to me but I do predict that the greige walls won’t last too long! Hope you enjoyed conference.

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