3 thoughts on “To those of you who are Jane Austen fans. or just students of human behavior:

  1. that was fantastic, maryanne, and so true. a woman in my branch often watches the kitties when i’m out of town, and i often come home to a cleaned kitchen. i always feel resentful, like she doesn’t think my kitchen is clean enough.

  2. Maryanne on

    And isn’t that fascinating? Because, in all likelihood, that’s the greatest service someone could do her- or someone did it for her once and she was so touched- and she thinks you’re neat, and so is doing it for you. But I’d totally have the same reaction. And I’d start super cleaning my house before she came to watch the cats. (Not saying you should do that, it’s just how my brain would play out.)

    And there are totally people that I clean my house before they come over because I don’t want them to judge me- or I want to impress them- and other people who I clean up because I love them and want them to feel comfortable. And the level of stress connected to the cleaning is completely different depending on which group they fall into.

    Although I suppose it says something that ANYTIME I clean, Z asks, “You cleaning? Who is coming over?”.

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