Jesus the Christ Chapter 24

Oh goodness, this is going to start being very difficult to read, isn’t it? That first paragraph was heartbreaking.

I really need to ponder and study this: “The man’s understanding was enlightened; up to that moment he had thought that all depended upon Jesus; he now saw that the issue rested largely with himself.” This whole issue is a tangled and confusing one for me; what constitutes having sufficient faith combined with determining God’s will gets all muddled for me until I’m not sure if I need to have faith that God can do things, or that He will or that it is His will. Then there’s the added twist of needing to have faith in our own ability to have faith, and having faith in priesthood holders serving in the name of God. Add into it that “faith to be healed is as truly a gift of God as is faith to heal”, and my brain is spinning.

“…their failure to comprehend was in part due to the fact that the human mind is loath to search deeply into anything it desires not to understand.” Whoa. Did this smack you all in the face too?

I love the story of Christ telling Peter to catch the fish that held money in it’s gullet. (Don’t you love the word gullet?) It just confirms to me, yet again, that even though it is an earthly thing, God knows where all the money is, and gets it where it needs to be if we have faith that He will do so.


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  1. that’s what stood out to me too, that the “issue resided mostly with himself”. sometimes we really need to take a deep breath and commit. that is hard for me, but, like the demon in the story, prayer and fasting might be needed to get rid of my demon of doubt.

    love you maryannie 🙂

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