Oh Sci Fi original movies, how I love you

Or really, rather, namer of Sci Fi original movies, how I love YOU. I don’t actually ever watch the Sci Fi channel’s original movies, but I take immense delight in their awesome premises and incredibly short, sweet, and to the point literal titles. Check out tonight’s line up of fantasticness:

9:00 AM Pterodactyl
11: 00 AM Savage Planet
1:00 PM Rock Monster
3:00 PM Abominable
5:00 Yeti
7:00 PM Ice Spiders

Notice the bravado of placing Abominable and Yeti back to back. How do they differ? I must know! And I love how it moves in a logical progression. Yeti, Ice Spiders, both cold, both possible, (and probable) killers… And they’re consistent in this attention to detail. Check out next Sunday’s line up:

The Hive
Caved In: Prehistoric Terror
Marabunta: Terror in Burline Pines
Black Swarm
Locusts: The 8th Plague
Crocodile 2: Death Roll
Anonymous Rex

Again, Black Swarm, Locusts, and Locusts: The 8th Plague all in one run? FANTASTIC. (Although I should mention that not all of those actually are Sci-Fi original movies. But the fact that they’ll put their movies up against other movies WITH THE SAME NAME? Genius. I love them.)

And Anonymous Rex? Best title ever. It gives Chupacabra: Dark Seas (otherwise known as Chupacabra on a Boat here in Casa de Snell, and Chupacabra Terror when it came out on video) a run for it’s money. AND OH MY GOODNESS, HOW AM I NOT WATCHING THIS SHOW? “A detective series featuring a velociraptor PI and a secret society of dinosaurs disguised as humans.” With Faye Dunaway and Issac Hayes and Daniel Baldwin. Seriously? I feel like I’ve won some kind of bizarre lottery.

Oh Sci-Fi, you do my heart good.

5 thoughts on “Oh Sci Fi original movies, how I love you

  1. I only mention this because we are friends I know you won’t hold this against me (for very long). We actually own a copy of Savage Planet and it is truly as bad as you think it might be. It would be a wonderful Mystery Science Theatre spoof. It’s super bad and not is a bad is good kind of way!!!

  2. Maryanne on

    Oh Mansquito, the true jewel in the crown.

    Jessica, that just raises you in my esteem. 🙂

  3. bruce on

    Don’t worry Jess, we own plenty of horrible movies, like Hawk the Slayer

  4. KRAKEN: TENTACLES OF THE DEEP is on tonight, and it reminded me of this post 🙂

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