I had really funny dreams the other night- well, funny in retrospect, I suppose, I wasn’t laughing in them. But the one that has stuck with me was one wherein I was still in college but had gone through the quarter without going to my classes. (This really is not a stretch, not like the dreams where I’m in high school and haven’t gone to class.)

In the dream I hadn’t missed them maliciously, or even really consciously, they’d just kind of slipped my mind. So, it was the end of the quarter and I realized that I should at least stop in before the quarter ended. Our teachers were handing out our evaluations, and the eval for my class on the Culture of the Simpsons (yes, the TV show. And no, I didn’t actually take this class in college, although it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was an actual class at UCSC now) said: “Statistics show that 30% of e-mail correspondence includes at least one reference to the Simpsons. It’s a shame that none of those ended up in your TV journal.”

Maybe you had to be there. But the combination of the percentage and the snark and the class made me laugh. What is my brain trying to tell me? Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I passed all my classes in the dream. Some of them just barely, but I did pass them all. I know you were worried. 🙂

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