The book club commenceth!

Hooray for clubs! Today marks the start of the as-yet unnamed book club having to do with studying Christ.  (I haven’t come up with a name – suggestions are welcome.) Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the reading and the discussing. (As long as I, you know, know you and like you.) I’m so excited!

We’ll start with the mother of all books on Christ, Jesus the Christ. It’s seriously epic, and dense to boot. But if we’re all reading it, we can carry each other along, right? My goal is to start to today and have it finished by the end of February- tackling one chapter a day- stretching into two or more  for long chapters or those that need more consideration.  There are 42 chapters and 54 days until the end of Feb., so I think it’s workable.  We can always reassess as needed.

I’ll post my thoughts as I go, feel free to add your comments wherever they apply.  Epic comments are totally welcome. 🙂

Um… YAY CLUBS! Now get to reading! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The book club commenceth!

  1. oh, i forgot a book (just found it on my shelf near jesus the christ); the hiding place by corrie ten boom. SO good!

  2. How fun!!!!! I better go find that book and get started. We just moved so I may be digging in the garage for a while. Yay, I’m excited.

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