Calling all book club members: Jesus the Christ chapter 1

First, hooray for a 7 page chapter! These are the things that stood out to me as I read, what stood out to you?

– I was struck by the fact that years are reckoned by Christ’s birth. Obviously I knew that, but I never considered the immensity of it- that He is esteemed that much, even by those who don’t believe Him to be divine.

– Christ was 33 when He was crucified. Again, something I knew, but I’m going to be 33 next  year. He really wasn’t that old.

I’m also underlining the different names and titles of Jesus as I read.

2 thoughts on “Calling all book club members: Jesus the Christ chapter 1

  1. OK, I’m still trying to locate my copy of the book but I had to chime in on one of your points. I turned 33 this last December and I was really struck by this. This was part of my annual pre-birthday contemplative depression. He was obviously not your ordinary Joe but the amount of things he accomplished and the amount of people he touched in his 33 years was astounding. So many things happened in his life. So many people were affected.

  2. It stood out to me also, his age. I just turned 30, and it’s crazy to me that when Jesus was my age he was getting tempted in the wilderness for 40 days. 40 days! So, it helps put my own spiritual crisises (crisees?) in perspective…

    I was also struck that so many people around the world, in different religions, think Jesus is Christ (Christians), a prophet (Muslims), a great teacher and quality example of humanity (my Mama)…

    Thanks again for arranging this group, Maryanne 🙂

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