It’s gonna be a happy new year

Choosing to change New Years to Sunday turned out to be an excellent idea. Everybody slept much better, and while we were still sick, I was in a much better mood. I ended up teaching two lessons at church- I subbed in B’s Sunday school class because he was feeling awful and I made him stay home, and then I taught the young women, which I had been planning to do. Both lessons went well, and except for B being sick, it was a good day. We survived the move to 1 o’clock with fairly no repercussions. I think Z was a little confused that she had lunch before church and then we came home and had dinner, but she did ok.

I’m still working on my uberlist, but after reading this article, I’ve come up a list of themes I want to focus on this year, and maybe rework my uberlist around.
My resolutions:

Most of those are pretty self explanatory, the only eyebrow raising one might be taste- basically I realized that I pretty much stay with foods and tastes I’m comfortable with, and if I find a recipe that looks interesting but has a food in it I’m not familiar with I just disregard the recipe. Well, no more. I’m going to try new tastes and new food this year instead of just falling back on my standards.

I’m also going to focus my spiritual study on Christ this year, on delving into who He really was, what He really taught, what He really did. I’m building a list of books to read (hence the last post- thanks for the suggestions, and keep them coming!). If anyone wants to do it with me, we could make a little book/discussion club thingie- I like clubs. 🙂

3 thoughts on “It’s gonna be a happy new year

  1. I don’t have any book suggestions but would love to be involved in a book/discussion club thingie. One of my resolutions for this year is to read 12 “church” themed books.


  2. Maryanne on

    Yay Jess! Let’s have a club! I’ll keep collecting books and then post what we’ll read when. I’m thinking of starting with Jesus the Christ, but it’s pretty hardcore. Maybe we’ll do chapters at a time or something.

  3. oh, i was going to read jesus the christ! let me know, and i can participate “virtually” in your club 🙂

    and that article was rad, maryanne; thanks for sharing! now i must go watch oprah have the best year ever…

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