A challenge for you for me

Instead of posting the post I was going to post (how many more times can I say post?) that I had all written and then thought better of, because it was all about me being judgy, and that just has the potential to go bad really quickly, I’ve decided to call out a challenge.

I’m writing up my new uberlist for 2009- my list of 109 things to do (in lieu of resolutions). I’ve done the cheating maneuver of taking off the things from this year’s list that only applied to this year, and keeping the things that I’d like to do again next year or didn’t accomplish and still want to give a go. I’m at 87, which leaves me 22 open spots. So challenge me. Give me something to put on my list to try to do in the next year. Preferably something I can actually accomplish. I will take all suggestions, although I reserve the right to amend them.

Go at it.

5 thoughts on “A challenge for you for me

  1. 90. read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
    91. read My Name is Asher Lev
    92. check out both books from the library instead of buying them

    🙂 love you! good luck!

  2. Maryanne on

    Thanks Kim and Brandy! I’ve added your suggestions, although I amended Kim’s to visit family in Utah and I’m including checking the books out of the library into both of your suggestions, Brandy. 🙂

    Where the heck am I going to find a unicycle?

  3. Go a whole day without punching Bruce in the arm when he says something rediculous!

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