A more specific challenge

I’m almost done with the uberlist 2009 (not the uberlist 3000, that’s something else entirely) and in looking it over, I realized that while most of the subdivisions of the list are pretty evenly weighted with to-do items, one is looking a little anemic. That subdivision is Personal Development.

Just for reference, the other subdivisions are: books, local attractions, trips, spirituality, leisure, home, writing, health, homemaking skills, and entrepreneur endeavors; so obviously there are things listed in those areas that will aid in my personal development. What I’m looking for is things that will stretch me out of my comfort zone. Right now the items on the list mostly have to do with being more outgoing (I’m in an introvert phase at the moment- I kind of cycle through extroversion and introversion in a bipolar fashion). This is what I currently have:
35. Ask 3 different people to hang out and actually do it
36. Have 3 different couples over for dinner/games/something
37. Visit teach regularly
38. Make a new friend
39. Take a dance class

Any suggestions? They don’t have to be related to being outgoing, anything that you think would help me develop those quintessential qualities everyone’s working toward will do.

Help me out folks, I just need 3 more and then I’m done.

3 thoughts on “A more specific challenge

  1. what about volunteering? you could do the bishop’s store house or something comparable. that way you have to interact with folks, but it is structured (i find that i’m much better at getting outside my zone if i have an end point…). also, hilary does a baby and me group sometimes, maybe you could do something like that (kids are also a good thing to talk about with people you don’t know very well). good luck maryanne! i hope you post your whole list when you are done!

  2. Maryanne on

    I actually have “Participate in moms’ group at least 3 times” on my list- it’s just in leisure rather than personal development, where it probably should be, and where I just moved it.

    I love the volunteering idea, I need to give that some more thought.

    Thanks Brandy!

    And yes, I will post the list when I’m done. 🙂

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