Of good report

Things that are making me happy today:

Zoe’s excitement over all her new toys. She got about a toyshop (or maybe just a boutique) worth of new toys, and is loving them. Between the trike (her request from Santa), her dollhouse (a surprise from Santa), her kitchen (an unexpected post-Christmas hand-me-down from cousins- thanks Auntie Lizzie!), all of the other toys she got and all of Audrey’s toys, she’s loving life.

I am finding WAY too many things on Etsy. It’s evil I tell you. I am restraining myself, however, and only marking things as favorites- not actually buying anything. Are these not the cutest things you’ve ever seen? And this?

The birds on my Christmas tree. We started out with just one, on the top. Now, thanks to the ornament sale at Michaels (hello 60% off!) there are 8. Hooray birds!

I am eating peachie-o’s, and in all likelihood will continue doing so until I make myself sick, as I’m sure Bruce predicted when he saw them sitting on my desk. What can I say? They’re my vice. My yummy, yummy vice.

One thought on “Of good report

  1. it’s okay to have a vice. mine is peanut butter cup ice cream. it’s okay. it could be worse. i could be addicted to black tar heroin…

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