Why I am the queen of fasting

So this Sunday was Fast Sunday, and I was all prepared. (For those of you who don’t know, in our church we fast once a month. It’s combined with prayer, usually for a specific purpose that we decide on individually.) Fast Sunday is usually the first Sunday of the month, but because of an upcoming conference it was this Sunday.
Anyway, so I was all ready to fast. It was Saturday night, and I was ready, I knew what I was going to fast for, everything was good. Sunday morning comes, I’m fasting, I’m praying, things are moving along. B gets up, makes me breakfast, I eat it, I’m fasting, praying, we go to church, and they mention it’s fast Sunday, and B says, “It is?”.

I say “Yeah, I thought I told you” and he reminds me of what I had spectacularly overlooked this morning- namely the eating breakfast thing I did in the midst of all my purposeful fasting.

And that is why I’m the queen of fasting.
(By the way, this is in no way meant to put any blame on B- he hadn’t heard Fast Sunday was moved. It’s only meant to highlight my amazing and overwhelming dedication to fasting. 🙂 )

3 thoughts on “Why I am the queen of fasting

  1. That reminds me of the time I became a vegetarian and a day later was at the mall and ordered some chicken. I was several bites in before I remembered I wasn’t eating meat anymore. At that point, though, the chicken was dead and paid for, so I figured it was worse *not* to eat it.

  2. bruce on

    Oh sure, its all my fault 😉

    Jamie: It sounds like you really weren’t ready to embrace the vegetarianism. If you were trying to be a vegetarian and couldn’t quit, would you be a meataholic? You know, like a chocaholic, but for meat…

  3. becky on

    I am a meataholic, I confess.
    I don’t ever fast when I am eating for two, you know, breastfeeding. I think your story is really funny Maryanne! I am still chuckling. You can always fast next Sunday anyway, or the Sunday after !

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