Wherein Debbie Gibson causes my downfall

So remember that cold-turkey-no-celebrity-gossip thing I had going? I was doing great for 8 days, and then I saw this headline on the tricksy tricksy interweb (I’m paraphrasing because I can’t find it again, and I don’t want to look too hard and risk getting pulled in by another headline, which I almost did when I misread “Delp’s suicide reopens wounds for Boston” and thought it said “Depp’s suicide” and I almost screamed.) :

Gibson flies into rage at university

My immediate thought was “Debbie Gibson freaked out at a university? Honestly?”. And so I had to click and check. And of course it wasn’t Debbie, sorry, Deborah Gibson, it was Mel, about whom it really isn’t surprising at all that he’d fly into a rage anywhere.

One thought on “Wherein Debbie Gibson causes my downfall

  1. bruce on

    While I won’t accept the blame Maryanne is throwing at me for fast Sunday, I will admit to tempting her with fake celebrity gossip.

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