Cover up tomes of knowledge

I use a handy tool that Google provides to track various things about the visitors to this blog, and one of the things I can check out is what words people entered into a Google search to get here. There are some strange ones that pop up from time to time, but every couple of weeks the title of this post shows up. It’s part of a quote from Daniel Handler’s novel The Basic Eight, that reads in full:

“It says something about school that the first thing our mentors tell us is to cover up tomes of knowledge with recycled paper bags.

One thought on “Cover up tomes of knowledge

  1. Keisha on

    Hah! I can actually say I didn’t find your page because I was looking for that wacky phrase. I just clicked on your name from my blog which is much easier. Sorry, but I can’t offer any enlightment about the connection between searches of said phrase and you or if there is any connection. Basically I’m just using up space on your blog to provide totally useless info. Was that helpful?

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