Opinions followup

To answer Becky’s questions in the comments from the last post:

1. We’re moving to another complex about 5 miles from where we live now. I don’t even know if it’s that far. The apartments are cool, the one we want is really neat; we’ll find out if we get it tomorrow. The nice thing about them (other than hopefully quieter neighbors and cleaner communal areas and security gates that work) is that there are about 18 families from our ward who live in the various complexes in the community, so I’ll have lots of people to talk to and Zoe will have lots of kids to play with. We’ll hopefully be moving at the beginning of March.

2. I haven’t tried the aloe vera kleenex, but I love the lotion-y kind. I should try the aloe though, Zoe’s little nose is sore.

3. We haven’t had the progressive dinner yet, it’s still in the planning stages, and that’s why it’s evil. When you have too many people involved in the planning who each have their hearts set on different things it just becomes stupid. Honestly, I don’t think there is a point to it. Our wards just keep having them even though everyone admits they’ve never worked. Madness I say! Madness!

4. I have never entered a Readers Digest sweepstakes. Strangely though, every time I see one of those little entry form thingies I think of Grandma. Did she enter them? Why are they so linked in my mind?

5. I have no opinion on cars, unless its about what they look like. I know that sounds incredibly girlie, but honestly, I just don’t care about all the rest of it. So, here is my opinion on the Nissan Quest and the Honda Odyssey: The Quest is sleeker looking, and I like the brown/burgundy color it comes in. The black is nice too. I like the boxiness of the front of the Odyssey, but not the ridges on the sides. Overall, I prefer the Quest.

There you have it. Now go watch this, it’s funny. It would be even funnier if he could be thrown off at any moment, like a mechanical bull, but it is what it is.

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  1. Becky on

    I really wanted a Nissan Quest but we couldn’t find one for the right price so now we own a Honda Odyssey. The best one overall is the Sienna by Toyota. I never paid attention to the differences until I was forced to. AND now even though I know the differences we are stuck with the one that was available so now it is my favorite! Cool fold down seats and no huge blind spots. Funny horn.
    I think Nanna entered all those sweepstakes. My dad does too but only after he has read all the tiny fine print. I don’t believe they have ever won.
    Sorry your progressive dinner planning sucks. Maybe you are in the calling to put your foot down and kick it out or simplify it? Have you ever tried one of these? http://www.christysclipart.com/scavengersounds.html

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