Humble Egg Pie

Do you have anything that keeps you humble? You know, little things that you should be good at, that you sometimes are good at, but that sometimes you totally mess up and you realize that you’re not really so good at them after all? Today mine is soft boiled eggs. I’m incredibly picky about them, how long they’re cooked, the texture and hardness level of both the yolk and the white… and at one time I’d perfected the cooking process so they came out just to my specifications each time. I hadn’t made them in a while (you’re not supposed to have them while you’re pregnant) and I recently started making them again, only to realize that I’d forgotten all my tricks. Through a process of trial and many too-soft eggs, I finally figured it out and was back on my game.

Until today.

I cooked the eggs the right amount of time (I think, but who knows now?) and they came out far too runny. So I’m forced to admit that I’m not so good as I thought, I have no space to be proud of my soft boiling abilities.

I’m also forced to admit that sometimes my posts are really mundane, aren’t they?

3 thoughts on “Humble Egg Pie

  1. Becky on

    I ate eggs while I was pregnant…every way I can think of…green…fried, scambled, soft, hard…
    Sometimes just plain burned!
    I’m glad you got it right and get to enjoy it again! YOu really should concider getting your own chicken…your new neighbors will love you!!! 🙂

  2. Kim H. on

    Soft boiled? That makes my tummy hurt. I don’t think I am a big egg fan unless the eggs are in chocolate chip cookies or in the scriptures.

  3. Speaking of scriptures and eggs, did anyone ever see “The Work and the Story,” a Mormon mockumentary about Mormon filmmaking? It’s a really terrible film—but it has a few humorous “gems” in it. The absolute best part is when one of the filmmakers re-enacts the battle scenes in the Book of Mormon using eggs. It’s sooo funny.

    As a film aficionado who cares about the LDS film movement, I try to own all the latest LDS films—poorly made or otherwise. So, I own that one and can show you that one clip, if you’d like.

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