Uberlist 2007

So some friends of a friend do this thing every year where instead of making new years resolutions they make a to-do list for the year. They started in 1998 with 98 things on the list, and it’s gone up one every year, so this year it’s at 107. They do it with the full knowledge that they probably won’t do everything on the list, so there’s not really any pressure. I decided to make a list for this year, so here’s what I came up with.


1.Read Jesus the Christ

2.Participate in RS book club at least once

3.Start library for Zoe

4.Read 3 child development books

5.Read 50 books from TBR list

6.Read more comics

7.Get more books out of the library than I buy

8.Participate in a Chicklit book club

9.Read a book by an author I

2 thoughts on “Uberlist 2007

  1. Becky on

    That is an awesome list! I wouldn’t be surprised if you did it all !
    I wish we lived closer together I would help you sew, decorate, walk, play, dance…I’d play with Zoe so you had free time…sigh. Are you sure you don’t want to move to Oakland?

  2. Kim H. on

    Wow, that’s even more ambitious than my list of nyr’s, one for every year I am old. But you got the concept, they are just a list of things that need to get done. People make tons of goals like that during the year. I don’t expect all of them to get completed, but at least I can visualize them when I am wondering later what I should be working on, during uncreative times of the year. Good luck.

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