Inspired by my dream last night

If you’re going to use the threat: ” If you touch my butt one more time I’ll punch you so hard that…”, you really need to have something prepared to say at the end, or you just end up sounding stupid.

2 thoughts on “Inspired by my dream last night

  1. I have never had to say that threat before…am I missing something?
    I am really good at silly threats though…my kids sometimes crack up because I never have anything prepared at the end…”If you hit your sister one more time I’ll, I’ll…send you too your room forever!”
    HaHa yeah right mom…

  2. This sounds like a personal problem, do you really think you should be airing this on a public forum?

    Open ended threats do need to be used with caution. But if you have a certain glare in your narrowed eyeballs there doesn’t have to be much more said.

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