Those dang Dixie Chicks

I’ve been saying I was going to post this for a couple days at least now, and seeing as it’s been ages since I posted last, and Zoe is asleep, I figured now was a good time. Despite the title of this post, it’s not really all that much about the Dixie Chicks, they’re just the catalyst for my thoughts. See, they were on Ellen the other day, and if you’ll allow me a brief digression, can I just say, shorts and high heels do not fashion make. I don’t care how dressy the shorts are, it just looks stupid. If you want to show off your legs and want the lengthening power of heels- wear a skirt. If you don’t want the potential slippage that can happen with skirts, then make your choice. Legs or comfort, I don’t care which, but this shorts/heels thing has to stop.


This post really isn’t about fashion, I promise. It’s about the first amendment. I’m all about the first amendment. I absolutely believe that you should be able to say or write or sing whatever you wish without the risk of being arrested or imprisoned. What I don’t believe is that the first amendment guarantees that you can say whatever you want and no one will get mad at you. As I said above, I’m not necessarily saying this about the Dixie Chicks, their interview just got me thinking about it. It seems that people assume that their right to say what they wish to means that there won’t be any repercussions. You hear it all the time; someone says something inflamatory, and when someone else reacts, the original speaker gets indignant and starts spouting off about the first amendment. Someone deciding not to listen to your record, or protesting, or even just arguing with you is not violating your first amendment rights.

That’s all I have to say, and I don’t have a clever way to end this, so that’s just the end. But I reiterate, shorts + high heels = bad bad bad.

2 thoughts on “Those dang Dixie Chicks

  1. What if they were long shorts to the knees with heels? Still bad? Just wondering…no I won’t wear that so don’t worry!…I like the Dixie Chicks even though they have very different opinions politically then I do. I like the fiddles and the really cool harmonies they produce!

  2. Kim has some shorts that might go well with heels, and you can get your canoeing merit badge while wearing them too

    Kim let me try them on the other day and I convinced her not to take them back to the DI. They were part of an old boy scout uniform…worn by girls of course. They had flaps that ingeniously hid their shortiness, so they looked just like a skirt. What a find!

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