Some things that make me happy, some things that don’t.

So those of you who haven’t discovered the awesomeness that is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip need to locate the bandwagon and jump on. It’s my favorite new show of the season; intelligently written, funny, and grown up without resorting to vulgarity or violence. The pilot was a thing of beauty, but this last episode is what really cemented it for me. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the story of a SNL type show, and the two guys who have been brought on to save it after the executive producer gets fired for going on the air and ranting about how horrible the network is.

In the series opener, it’s the week before the first show that Matthew and the other guy will be producing. (Sorry other guy, I only remember Matthew’s name because Matthew Perry plays him, and it’s the same name.) They need an amazing cold open, and have nothing. Tons of things happen in the episode, but it’s the cold open, and Matthew’s increasing panic over the lack of one, that really drives the action. Then the lightbulb goes on, and there it is, the perfect idea for the sketch that will set the tone for the rest of the season, and blow everyone away.

And the thing that made me love the show? They actually show the sketch, in all its glory, and it’s everything it should be. It lives up to the hour of hype that led to it, and it’s awesome. Another show might have skipped over it entirely, or tried and failed miserably, but Studio 60 absolutely blows it away. It’s like at the end of Purple Rain, when after all the angst and drama Prince busts out with Purple Rain in the club, and it is the song that will redeem him and make his career. Anyway. Watch Studio 60, you’ll be glad you did.

Things that don’t make me happy? Ashley Simpson in Chicago. That’s just an abomination. I love Chicago, and I’d love to see it live. Usher is in it, and I’d love to see Usher in it. But you couldn’t pay me to watch Ashley Simpson in it. Even if you gave me tickets to New York and gorgeous accomodations. I watched a couple minutes of a video of her in it, and it was like someone halfheartedly rehearsing for what would be a excruciating high school talent show performance. Bob Fosse’s memory deserves so much better than that.

Another thing that doesn’t make me happy? The judges getting all super persnickity on Dancing with the Stars. I was having flashbacks to Strictly Ballroom as they complained about Joey and Mario doing their “flashy crowd pleasing steps”. And I have to wonder if it’s not going to come back to bite them, because despite the fact that there are rules to ballroom dance, the crowd likes the flash, and doesn’t like being essentially told that they’re ignorant or stupid for liking it.

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