Madame Tussad’s Wax Museum, Tokyo

We went out to Legoland earlier this week, and they had a deal running with Madame Tussad’s which is right next door. For 500 yen more ($5) you got admission into Tussad’s, and kids paid nothing additional. None of us has been to a wax museum, and I wasn’t sure if the girls would dig it, but I figured, why not. I am SO glad we went. The girls had a blast. You could take pictures with any of the figures, and they had costumes and props you could use as well.

Johnny Depp. The girls had no idea who he was until I told them he was Willy Wonka.

DSC03289Zoe the Queen is skeptical.


Tiny the Queen might order someone’s head off.DSC03296





They tried to match the feeling of the figure, hence their calmness with the Dalai Lama.DSC03310


Sit ups with a David Beckham figure that looked nothing like him.DSC03316


All the Single Ladies, indeed.DSC03320

One of the AKB48 girls.DSC03325 And another.DSC03328

Singing backup for Elvis.DSC03332

This one is for their Grandpa- Ryoma Sakamoto.DSC03338






The girls saw Shakespeare and literally started jumping up and down. They were so excited, you’d have thought the man himself was actually there. He was the biggest possible deal to them, and it made me super happy. They were also really excited about Da Vinci.DSC03347

DSC03350 Z’s best Mona Lisa impression.DSC03353


Tiny and the lady she was named for.DSC03360




This is Matsuko Deluxe, a cross dressing columnist who hosts various TV programs. We know him as the “Hot Pepper Beauty Lady”- Hot Pepper Beauty is a free magazine full of beauty product ads, and he has been on the cover. (His cross dressing appears to be a stage persona from my research.) Anyway, Z was overjoyed that he was in the museum.DSC03384

And I’ll end with a question for you. If you were going to commemorate Brad Pitt’s face in wax, is this the look you’d go with? DSC03388

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