While my parents were here we went to a bunch of different places.

We went to the Shrine of the 47 Ronin:

IMG_5385IMG_5387IMG_5388My dad acted out the story for the girls- this is the well where they washed the head of Kira Yoshinaka before laying it on Asano Naganori’s grave (which is in this cemetery complex).IMG_5401The girls are so sad that the polar bears are so sad. The polar bears are so sad because of the environment. This is in Odaiba.IMG_5406-001Also in Odaiba is Legoland. It’s much smaller than other Legolands, but the girls had a great time.

Godzilla over Shibuya. (The buildings are right- we walk past that 109 building all the time.)IMG_5432IMG_5436We also went to the Edo-Tokyo Museum, which is incredible. It’s full of dioramas of the history of Tokyo, which you can either walk through or that are in miniature.

The girls are in front of a massive kumade, which is a symbol of good fortune.IMG_5448IMG_5454IMG_5466IMG_5475The following three vests are what students would wear if Harry Potter took place in Japan.IMG_5486IMG_5487IMG_5488IMG_5508IMG_5517IMG_5518They’re trying to steal the gold.IMG_5523IMG_5615IMG_5621Female knowledge in a new era”IMG_5643IMG_5644“A notebook used in a foreign style dressmaking school”
IMG_5669We went to the giant Buddha (Diebutsu) in Kamakura.IMG_5704IMG_5680Our friend Kaoru came too. IMG_5683

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