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It’s 10:36 am. It’s sunny outside, but 37 degrees. It snowed yesterday, and the girls were beyond thrilled.


I was beyond thrilled that it didn’t snow a lot. 🙂 This is what our yard looked like: IMG_4567


IMG_4570The snow melted during the night (most of it, anyway, there was a little left on some rooftops this morning). I’m catching up on laundry this morning, since it was too cold and wet yesterday to hang anything to dry.

The girls are playing spies this morning. Tiny is in disguise.





She makes me laugh.

We’re taking it easy today, there’s a lot of sickness going around, and there have been hints of us being under the weather, so I’m not pushing anything. I don’t want to deal with illness, let alone the fierce flu going around.

I have some sewing to do today after we do school (after lunch), and then I’m toying with diving into some editing. I’m investigating possibilities for publishing a novel, but more editing has to happen first. If you happen to have any insights on publishing a novel, please let me know. I have the problem that I’m not in the least bit ambitious when it comes to this, I just want to have a book out there in the world. So while I know I should send it out to publishers and agents and things, I just don’t want to bother. Do I just need to change my attitude? Probably.  I just have been feeling like I need to get back into writing, so I probably should.

Other random things:

It bugs me when people  say that they choose to only read non-fiction because they want to improve their lives and minds, and fiction is just an escape. If that is the case, then you are reading the wrong fiction books, or you are reading the right fiction books incorrectly. It’s true, there is plenty of pure escapist fiction out there, but there is also TONS that will open your eyes to different experiences and different ways of life and thought processes, and do it in a way that non-fiction can’t.

I was going to go off about some other things, but I think I’ll keep those opinions to myself for the time being.

I will, however, put the opinion out there that the new trend of gowns with long diagonals of nakedness are mystifying to me. How do you sit down?  Here is an example, should you not know what I’m talking about. There’s been a bunch of them over this last bit of awards season, and I just don’t get them.

It’s time to make lunch, so I will end abruptly. 🙂



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