Random images from my camera

It’s almost 4pm on Wednesday. It’s raining outside, and earlier (before the rain) our backyard was graced by multiple kinds of butterflies, dragonflies, and a very loud cicada. Now it’s raining but not storming, and the view outside is beautiful, all wet and glistening.

I’m listening to Suede; Brett Anderson always manages to capture regretful melancholy unlike anyone else. I mean, listen to the line, “but will they love you, the way, the way I loved you?”  Doesn’t it grab you by the heart and twist?

Anyway, here are some pictures from the past week.

This is the view on our walk to the train station.



Snoopy at Kiddyland. The girls weren’t with me, and haven’t seen this picture. Shhh….



I unironically love this outfit. The pearls hooked into the beanie are perhaps the best part.



Ad truck for The Lone Ranger. Tonto and the Ranger rotated on a … rotating thing. (I’m good with words.)



This lady was wearing lace bloomers as shorts. Lace bloomers are not shorts, lady.





The first time we came to Denenchofu, the girls were playing Witch School as we walked down the street. Then we arrived at this house and I declared it the Witch School.  I mean really, could you die? Child Maryanne is dying as we speak. Talk about brilliant imagination fodder.



This is another crazy house near us, we call it The Fortress.



The park:






Miss Z swinging “like a Japanese kid”. (She’d never seen anyone do this before we got here.)



Little Margo Tenenbaum posing in the park.








Miss Z (it stands for zebra) posing



We call this one The Water Tank. Bruce covets it.



This is the cute little manga/magazine/book store right down the street from us.


4 thoughts on “Random images from my camera

  1. Hilary on

    So cool! I love seeing everything (and you!). That walk to the train station is beautiful! Hugs and miss you!

  2. Brandy on

    I echo Hilary {wave to Hilary} that I love when there are pictures of you 🙂

  3. I would spend all day every day at that bookstore. I love the rusty rattiness!

    Are those cherry tomatoes growing by the water?

    And that is an adorable picture of you! Thank you again!

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