A visit to Tokyo Tower

Bruce had a co-worker from the States in town this week, and his wife came out on the trip with him. The girls and I really liked her when we went out with them the other day, so we met up again with her separately and took her to the Tokyo Tower. We’d been before, but only at night, so it was cool to see the sights by day.





Tiny requested this picture be taken.IMG_8310

There was a robot that showed videos with information about areas around Tokyo, and Zo was beyond completely delighted by it.


The view.




This picture is totally blurry, but it was the best I could get. These three kind of tough looking guys were so utterly bowled over by Tiny in the elevator. She told them in Japanese that she was 4 and they just about died of delight. They asked for high fives and then almost giggled when she gave them. It seriously was so incredibly cute.



Zoe says, “I’m standing in the right place.”


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  1. Brandy on

    When did Tiny stop being a toddler and turn into a little girl?! She is so slimmed out and kid like now!

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