Japan!: Tamagawa



Today was a gorgeous day in Tokyo, and after lunch we decided to head out to Tamagawa. It’s an area one stop away from where we’ll be living in Denenchofu, and it has a large river that runs through it. B rides the train over the river when he goes out to Yokahama for Aikido, so he thought it would be a fun place to go explore. We found the most wonderful park and explored to our hearts content, then found a playground, where the girls played happily for quite some time. They even gained a little follower- a little Japanese boy (probably about 2 1/2 years old) who followed them around and wanted to play where they were playing. At one point Tiny just ran around in circles and he followed her. It was awesome.  After the playground we went down to the river side, where there were people fishing, relaxing, and practicing instruments. There were people practicing trombone, saxophone, and trumpet- all in different areas. I guess if you live in a small place you can’t really practice at home!


Not a great picture, but an awesome butterfly! ( I believe this is an Old World Swallowtail.)






This grandpa was swinging with his grandson, and the little boy was so utterly delighted by the whole thing, he was doing this giggle from his gut (different than a belly laugh) that was just so wonderful.



Playing baseball in Japan



Another butterfly. We saw so many today- made me wish I brought my actual camera, not just my phone.




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  1. Rachel on

    There are awesome Tamagawa Fireworks in August. We sat on the grassy soccer fields and watched them last year. It was great!

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