Japan!: Daikanyama apartment

Hi from Tokyo!

We’re back in Japan again, this time for two months in preparation for our move here in July.  This was the sunrise we saw on our first morning here. What a greeting.




The apartment we stayed in last time in Meguro wasn’t available this time, so we are staying in an apartment in a different part of the city. The area we are in is called Daikanyama. It’s an adorable area, full of shops and cafes. There are a number of baby supply stores (clothing, strollers, toys) and so there are lots of moms with little babies around. The girls are thrilled about the two parks within a 3 minutes walk, and I am excited about the Lush store in that same walk.

This is a map of some of the stores in the area. If you look in the middle segment, and go down 3 boxes there’s a store called Loveless- our apartment is right next to that. The store called Peacock is a grocery store, so you can see how close it is. And purely for your edification, the store called Slug right at the top of the sign is actually called Hair Slug and is a salon. That makes me incredibly happy. 🙂  I’ll take some pictures around the neighborhood later today.



On to pictures of the apartment. This is the entry way as you walk in the door.



If you turn around, there are cabinets next to the door to put your shoes in.




Turning back around and going through the walkway and around the corner, there are doors in front of you and a door to the right.  The door to the right goes into the kitchen (we’ll get there in a  minute.)



The doors in front lead into the living room.


The green curtains make me happy.



Turning to the right, you see the dining room. This area (living room and dining room) is much larger than in our last apartment.



On the right of the dining room is another door into the kitchen.




This is our washer/dryer combo. It didn’t come with instructions in English, so we experimented with a load today and we’ll see what happens.



If you turn left in the hallway instead of going into the living room, there’s another hallway. The two doors on the left go into a toilet room and the bathroom.

At the end of the hall is the girls’ room.



The toilet room is very small and has a little sink to wash your hands. The water comes down from the top of the sink.




B was taking a shower when I was taking pictures, so I didn’t get one of the other bathroom. I’ll post one later.

This is the girls’ room. Tiny has a futon to sleep on that goes where Z is laying on the ground in this picture. When not in use, we stick it in the closet.



The view out their window.



B and my room.




The gorgeousness that is our closet.




The view out of our window. That thing in the middle is the train station- just around the corner from us.



And that’s the Tokyo Tower in the distance.



The balcony off of the living room.


We are loving this apartment. It’s a bit bigger than the last one, and that bit seems to be making a huge difference.  I’ll post pictures from the neighborhood soon.



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  1. Rachel Keyser on

    My friend shops in Daikanyama all the time…but I’ve yet to go there. Once my kids school schedule is set, I might have to come visit.

    Also, fyi the washer/dryer combos don’t work well as a dryer. You can only dry about 1/2 of a load at a time. I’d plan on hanging your clothes to dry if you can. We did that the entire first year we were here…in December we broke down and bought a separate dryer.

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