Japan! Sumida River boat trip

Yesterday we took a boat trip up the Sumida River, from Hinode Pier to Asakusa. On the way we went under 15 different bridges- all of them different. I’ll only show you my favorites. 🙂

This window is in the train station in Shimbashi. I love it.




The view from under a bridge. I love this color combo.






So here’s the “poop building” again, and I only bring it up again to share the Japanese people’s reactions to it. While we were on the boat, there was a family with kids who started cracking up hysterically when it came into view. Everyone was taking pictures of it, from young to old, on the boat or on the shore. The guide on the boat even announced over the loud speaker, “If you look to the left, you will see a building with a naughty item on top.”




We got off in Asakusa, and this was the scene around the Senso-ji Temple.



From here we went to Akihabara, but that deserves its own post!

4 thoughts on “Japan! Sumida River boat trip

  1. You braved “Akiba”? You are a stronger woman than I expected. That place is *supposed* to be crazy. I hope the girls didn’t see anything too freaky. I know they can have some risqué stuff in view.

  2. Terry on

    Awesome! I love that it’s funny to the locals as well.

  3. Maryanne on

    There was nothing too bad in plain view. Some posters in stairwells with some manga side-boob, but that was about it. There were clearly marked 18 and over sections in the book stores, and some statues out for sale that were close to naked (the kind they sell at Entertainment Earth), but anytime we got near those I just pointed to something else to divert attention. Any pervyness wasn’t on full display. 🙂

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