Japan! Akihabara

Akihabara is the section of Tokyo dedicated to otaku (geek) culture.  Stores full of manga and anime (and associated merchandise), computer gear, cameras and all sorts of gadgets- it’s seriously awesome.

I knew we were in the right place when this sign:


reminded me of this scene from Two Stupid Dogs. “SILLY MORTALS! ELECTRIC CITY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!”

The train station was plastered with posters for manga.


The girl pop group AKB48 has a daily show in Akihabara, but it was closed for New Years. 🙁


They even have their own cafe. Next door is a Gundam cafe.


Zoe being a bat.



Tiny observed that her chicken nuggets were “having a meeting”.



Cool Old Dude




This is a kebab shop. That thing on the left that he’s cutting is a huge hanging chunk o’ meat.


Do you need some junk? Only 300 yen!


The entrance to the huge manga store we went in. They had two stories of manga, and then another five floors of associated merchandise. I love that the Japanese aren’t ashamed to be fans- there was TONS of merchandise, which indicates to me that there are plenty of people buying it.  And true to the rumors you always hear in the comic industry in the US, all sorts of people do read manga on the trains here. Not everyone- probably less now with the rise in smartphones- but a fair amount, and a diverse group. I’ve seen older men, younger men, young women, and even an older woman reading what appeared to be a horror manga.


Because the Powerpuff Girls weren’t Japanese enough.  (I LOVE these.)



I wish I knew what this sign was about. It appears to be cautioning about falling into manholes?


Last but not least, Darth Vader wishes you a Happy New Year.


2 thoughts on “Japan! Akihabara

  1. Wonderful! That is MY place to be. I was telling Gail (as we looked at your blog) that I would run out of money by the first block or so. SO MUCH that I would buy, it’s not even funny. Hahaha!

  2. But like I said before, I would most likely hit places like this on my *first* trip to Japan. Then venture outward from there on my second and third trips.

    Of course, this would happen after I win the lottery. Haha!

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