Japan! Park in Hamamatsucho

We’ve been here in Japan for 2 weeks, and I only just figured out how to put the pictures onto the computer so I can post them here. I can be a little slow sometimes. But seeing as I’ve already taken 1000 pictures (literally), it’s about time I get some up here!

We got into Japan at 10pm at night, so we stayed at the hotel at the airport, then took the monorail to catch the train the next morning. Thankfully there are luggage delivery services at the airport, so we left all our suitcases with them to deliver to our apartment later in the day, and we took off unencumbered.

The airport monorail took us to Hamamatsucho (I still can’t pronounce it), where we could take a train to Meguro where our apartment is. As it pulled into the station, we saw a beautiful park out the window, so we decided to catch the train later and go exploring instead. We stopped for lunch at Denny’s – only the signage and name were the same- and then went in search of the park.

This is what we found:

In the above picture, all of those little brown things on the grass that look like leaves are actually tiny birds.

CAAAAAAARPP! So many fish.


Sign in the bathroom. In case it’s not clear, WATCH THAT BABY!!!

Sign on the outside of the toilet. This is the only time I’ve seen a western style toilet described quite this way. Usually it’s the Japanese style toilets that are marked. And yes, we have tried the Japanese style (at least Z and I have). I’d heard them described as “holes in the ground”, but they’re porcelain, just like a western toilet. They kind of resemble a urinal, but horizontal and recessed in the floor. They have a flush just like a western style, and you squat over it. It’s really not a big deal, and we’ve ended up using them fairly often, since people seem to prefer the western style, so the Japanese style are often open.


Tiny, being a flamingo statue. And below, being a teetery flamingo statue.


More pictures and adventures to come!

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  1. Lovely!!! So fun living vicariously through your adventures!!!
    Me thinks you man never come back!!! Enjoy every minute!!! 🙂

  2. Mike S on

    What fun!
    I wonder why some of the tree trunks look like they have a mat wrapped around them?

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