January inspiration board

I found this idea on a blog that I love, Wise Craft. She created an inspiration screensaver for this month. I thought it was a great idea, so I did the same for myself. Hers is intended to invoke a feeling more than translate directly to things- the items in mine correlate with things I need to get done this month/am doing this month/ want to focus on.

Would you like to see it? Of course you would!

There’s lots of red for some reason, that wasn’t completely intentional. Perhaps January is a red month for me. I have quilts and foxes to make this month, exercise, reading, and writing to do,  and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to see. (Woohoo!) And a clean house and less volunteering for things I don’t really want to do/don’t have time for , hopefully. 🙂  And I just love Midnight in Paris and Nicki Minaj right now.

What does January hold for you? Is it red?

3 thoughts on “January inspiration board

  1. Chinese New Year starts 23 January 2012. It is the year of the Dragon, and red is always good luck. Guess your Chinese genes are showing 🙂

  2. Cindy on

    This is such a great idea but I’m afraid it would only give me guilt! I don’t change my background much. Right now it’s still Trav and Kaje’ at the airport when he went back to Hawaii after his surgery! Before that it was Kiefer Sutherland smooching on Audrey and I think I had that for about four years, maybe five! True story.

    I actually found what I want to make the girls for Christmas next year and I’m so excited by it! It’s a big project and it will probably drive me nuts but I’m looking forward to it! Now the hard part is carving out a niche to sew in the house! Sadly, I’ll get a sewing room again in June but right now I’m bored and have the winter blues and just need to play with some fabric. Sigh….it’s always something with me isn’t it? If you get bored stop on over. I just posted one of the girls’ Christmas gifts from me. I absolutely loved making these!

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