At this moment

It’s 7:57 am. I’ve been up since 6:30. The girls have been up since 7 and 7:18. At least one of them should still be asleep- possibly both of them. Whining abounds. Mozart for Morning Coffee is playing over the speakers. Mozart helps.

The girls are playing Cootie, a game that in my youth always proved to be far more appealing in theory than in practice. The girls have been slightly more successful with it than my siblings and I were, but there’s still fussing and frustration. Like right now. Bless Zo, she’s doing her best to pacify the wild beast that is Tiny this morning. They’ve now moved on to just putting the bugs’ heads together and playing with them.

Speaking of bugs, I had a crazy dream last night about an enormous spider that could contract and make itself smaller and then expand again and be huge. I managed to grab it and throw it in the toilet. One of its legs pinched me as I threw it, and I woke up before I learned if that was bad in any way.

My nails are the perfect shade of OPI gray. They are helping me face my day, which is packed. I have to clean my house, do Z’s school, host preschool, run out and get lined paper and milk, prep for my first tutoring session (I’m tutoring a little girl in writing- I’m excited and nervous), actually have the first tutoring session, and make sure everyone eats and lives through the day.  My gray nails and I can do it.

It’s also supposed to rain today, which makes me really happy.

Over the course of the weekend, I stumbled into plans to make 6 quilts by the end of the year. Yowsa. They should be fun though. Most of them I can’t talk about because people will be getting them. But they’ll be cool. Trust me.

The beasties are demanding breakfast, so I must go feed them. But before I do, one of my most beloved friends is in labor this morning. Pray for her and her baby boy, would you? Thank you!

What’s going on at your house at this moment?

4 thoughts on “At this moment

  1. Brandy on

    Praying for your friend Maryanne, for a safe delivery and a prayer of thanksgiving for her new little life. Also a prayer for me, that my anger at my body might abate. Please pray for me too.

    I love you.

  2. Cindy on

    At this moment I’m happy to report that Travis’ mission memory quilt top is done and will be going to the quilter’s tomorrow (just got off the phone with her). I think he’ll like it. I know I’m very pleased with it, especially bz it’s my creation…..all mine!! I talked to my quilter about six months ago or so and she told me if I had it to her by November first she’d get it quilted so I had time to have it bound and ready to give to Trav when he comes home in Dec. I’m happy to say I’m a month ahead of schedule!! Life is good around here today.

    You’re always so busy and amazing to me. I’m sure the six quilts you make will be gorgeous and loved. I hope my kids appreciate what I’ve made for them with my own hands bz quilts truly are a labor of love. I have Kaje’s wedding quilt cut out and hopefully this afternoon I can start sewing it. I need to have her’s made in the next couple of weeks so I can clear out Trav’s room and paint it. The last time I painted it, it took me a month bz my fibromyalgia just puts me in too much pain to do very much each day. Sigh….I hate that my body is so old and deformed but it beats the alternative of an eternal sleep, lol! I wouldn’t have to repaint but I really hate how the paint color turned out that I painted when he left on his mission. I then have to get all of his stuff put back in there and organized the way he had it when he left. I took tons of pictures so I can get it done his way. I won’t have a sewing sanctuary any more but I’ll have my Travis back and that certainly is the best thing ever!

    Have a great day. Love you!

  3. Jenny on

    Well, it’s not the 3rd anymore, but right now I should be like everyone else in my family – asleep! Right now my house appears to have hosted a tornado since Saturday was spent working on a science project write up an attending a marching band show. Lots of laundry washed but not put away. It’s 11:23 pm and about the only time it is quiet at my house so I thought I would take advantage of it! Too tired to move but not too tired to see what my friends are up to. Night!

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