What a day!

Most days I’m pleased with our decision to home school. Then there are days like today, when I can see why there wasn’t really another option for us. Every single thing today just lined up with what we’re working on, what we’re going to be working on- it was magic.

First we went to open gym at the place that the girls take dance and gymnastics.

Tiny wasn’t really grumpy the whole time, but this picture cracked me up.

She got to try out the equipment (since she takes dance and Z takes gym, she hasn’t had a chance to try it out yet.)


Z got to practice being upside down.

And she tried out the beam for the first time. She even hopped on it! (Well, on the lower one. But still!)

Tiny stuck with the lower beam.

Then we had the amazing opportunity to meet Kerri Strug, 1996 gold medal olympian. Her story is so inspiring, it totally made me cry as I was trying to explain to Zo what she had done during her vault. (If you don’t know, watch this.) Z’s been struggling recently with feeling that if she makes a mistake that she’s not good at that thing- and to see Kerri fall and then get back up and win the gold was a big eye opener to her. More immediately, Z’s been frustrated that she’s not instantly good at cartwheels, and she got the chance to ask Kerri how long it took her to learn how to do them. I think Kerri’s answer of a year was a bit of a surprise to Miss Z, and she’s feeling better now about it taking her more than one try.

Tiny thought she was nice too.

Then we went to the Children’s Discovery Museum, where everything was about mammoths and paleontology and cave drawings- everything we’ll be talking about in history over the next couple of weeks. Serious jackpot.

I love Tiny’s weird spider straddle a she tries to get to some bones.

Zoe’s cave drawing, using charcoal and clay.

It’s a squirrel.

And here’s one more feisty face, just to round out the post.

Overall it was just such a lovely day, so full of fun and honest to goodness educational experiences. Made me feel like I’m doing something right.

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  1. Looks like you are doing an awesome job with your girls and homeschooling (although was there really any doubt you’d rock at it?)

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