At this moment

It’s 7:51.  Overcast and lovely, just like I like it.

Z is sitting on the floor playing with a calculator game on my phone. Tiny is in bed, I’m not sure if she’s asleep. She was awake about 15 minutes ago, upset that one of her socks had fallen off. “It’s not supposed to leave my bed!”, she fussed at me. I put it back on her foot and asked if she wanted to go back to sleep, and she said yes, so I backed away slowly, like you do with bears.

I’m thinking about my sweet friend Stephanie who is having a baby today. Pray for her, if you’re so inclined.

Also thinking about my brother-in-law (and sister) and their family, who have a funeral today (his grandmother). Keep them in your prayers too.

It’s our 6th day of school today. We’re doing our basics (reading, math, writing, the ubiquitous “life skills”) and science. Should be fun.

We’re also hitting the library today, and I have to get moving on a sewing project- a blanket for preschool. And I have to work on decluttering my house. Doesn’t it all sound thrilling? 🙂

I keep thinking about this post, as well as this quote from Lisa Duggan on the same site: “The day you realize that you’ve always had, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers, the power to get where you want to be is sobering.  It’s the day you grow up. You finally understand that the quality of your life, good and bad, has been in your hands all along. Now you have to make the choice to perceive that reality as a burden, or a gift.”  Though I joke about it’s thrillingness, I’m really grateful for this life I get to have, and the things  I get to do.

I’m also looking forward to reading today – I finished The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley over the weekend, and it was SO GOOD. Think a Miss Marple mystery- old England, big manor houses, little old lady traipsing around asking people questions and sleuthing out secrets- except that instead of a little old lady it’s an 11 year old girl who is obsessed with chemistry and poisons. Seriously, so good. The writing is fantastic, the voice really solid. I’m starting the sequel today. Perhaps it will be my reward for decluttering.

I also need to go get some new pants today- the pair I have on today are falling off (WOOHOO!). I’ve been working at losing the last of my 3 year old baby weight, and I recently amped up what I’ve been doing, and surprise surprise, it’s working! So yay for that!

Tiny just walked in, having dressed herself, in polka dot shorts and a long sleeved orange halloween shirt. She has apparently embraced the schizophrenic nature of the weather around here.

And now they’re clamoring for breakfast, after having decided that we need a panda and a zebra for a pet, and HOPSCOTCH!!  (It made as much sense here. I don’t know.)

What’s happening in your house at this moment?

2 thoughts on “At this moment

  1. I’m with you. I’m waiting and waiting for Stephanie to have her baby! It’s also the first day of school around here. So much excitement in one day!

  2. Well, which will come first, the zebra or the panda?
    Goodness, Stephanie’s having a baby. I’m heartbroken, I cna’t even imagine being in that delivery room, and I’ve been in a LOT of delivery rooms.

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