At this moment

It’s pouring outside. Pouring.

I should be asleep. I’m not sure why I’m not asleep. Why aren’t I asleep?

I should be sewing if not sleeping. We had a tragedy in our little group of friends this week; one of my dear friends lost her husband- his heart just stopped. It’s been shocking and saddening and horrible, and at the same time there have been tender mercies. On a purely personal level, it’s given me an opportunity to put into practice lessons that have been surrounding me lately about mourning with those that mourn. This friend has an excellent ward, who is more than taking care of her and her family’s physical needs, and I struggled with what I could possibly do to help. I settled on making a quilt for her. I can’t fix anything, but I can sew. I can create something, and somehow that brings me comfort, and hopefully will bring her comfort. But through all of this I keep thinking how so much of our (my) efforts at such a time are to make ourselves feel better… I don’t know. There’s so much for me to think about and learn.

The girls are sleeping, which is a blessing and gift from God. Seriously. Tiny’s been having problems with her lungs, which resulted in a trip to the emergency room last week, and things seemed to be getting better until they didn’t, and she was having episodes every 4 hours and was up at least twice a night, which meant that I was up at least twice a night. That wasn’t pleasant, and neither was I.  But we’ve got her on different, well, expanded medication now, and she’s doing much better. (Knock on wood.) Modern medicine truly is a gift.

I just discovered that both B and I would rather pay $50 more for a product (in this case a dollhouse) than pay that same amount to ship a cheaper product. The Land of Nod has their normally $200 dollhouse on sale right now for $54, and their furniture sets for $5, but the shipping on $84 worth of stuff is a whopping $51. That’s insane. I’d rather pay $100 for a dollhouse on Amazon, and have it ship for free. Somehow that’s less offensive to my sensibilities. But if you think otherwise then you should go check out the deal.  🙂

I probably have more to say, but I really need to go to bed. I feel like there’s been a lot I’ve wanted to post about, but I haven’t gotten to it, for various reasons. I’m observing Lent by sacrificing mindless web surfing, which has been really very effective, but it means I’m not meandering around deciding to post randomly. And my cable that hooks my camera to my computer is missing, so I can’t post the pictures I’ve taken of the house. But I will try to post something of interest sometime soon, including what books I’ve been reading. 🙂

In the meantime, what’s going on with you at this moment?

3 thoughts on “At this moment

  1. Cindy on

    I’m so sad to hear about your friend’s husband. My dear friend lost her husband 15 years ago when she was only 35. He died of leukemia though so she took care of him for about seven years before he passed away. The important thing at a time like this is that you do something. A quilt can always give comfort and warmth and I think it’s a beautiful idea. I hope this new medicine works for Tiny. We’ve had much illness with Kaje’s boyfriend and Savannah’s eczema etc. lately so I can feel your frustration there. We love you and I hope you can get a full night’s sleep tonight. 🙂

  2. Brandy on

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend; I literally cannot imagine going through that. I’m excited to see your house in living color in just a few weeks 🙂 Oh, and the pastor at our new church has been so good about Lent, and I’ve been doing a devotional from the Psalms to remember Christ. I love you dear friend.

  3. Auntie Chris on

    In times of sorrow we turn to what brings us comfort. You turn to your sewing a quilt. Soon your friend will turn to her love of a friend who took time to make her a quilt. One filled with love and comfort from a sweet friend. The tender mercy will be knowing you care and are giving something made by you!

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