At this moment

it’s night time. I’m tired. It took me about 15 tries to type the title of this post correctly because first I couldn’t get the A in At to be capitalized, and then I couldn’t get the letters in moment in the right order.

The girls are sleeping. Thank goodness. We have a cold going around our house, and they’ve had stuffy noses and whiny selves all day. (I almost wrote whiny faces, but that would be kind of mean. And I don’t really blame them for being whiny, it just got really old.) But we did run around doing errands all day long, and they did a great job, so I hope they sleep well tonight.

I’m almost done writing  a 50,000  word story. I’m just past 40,000 words. It’s long and rambly and has weird Lovecraftian elements to it, which were not anticipated when I started. But it’s been enjoyable to write, which I can’t necessarily say about other things I’ve written.

I’m trying to work out in my head how to schedule all of the purging and packing of things in our house that needs to be done, because if you didn’t know, we’re moving! Our lease here is up, and we found a house to rent which is wonderful and beautiful and I can’t wait to move. 🙂 It has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a big living room, lots of windows, a backyard, lots of trees around- seriously, anytime I’m around it I keep thinking I’m somehow in Boulder Creek.

(To get the Boulder Creek reference, see below)

I’d post a picture of the house we’re moving into, but they took them down when we signed the lease. But trust me, it’s awesome. And I’m excited. We move mid-February.

I’m tired. Did I mention that before?

I have to come up with something fun to do with Tiny tomorrow while Z goes to a birthday party. It has to be fun enough to offset that Tiny’s not going to the party, while at the same time not being so fun that Z feels bad that she didn’t get to do it. Oh, the games we play. But I’m excited for Z, it’s her new friend who she totally adores. After all (ok, almost all) of her friends moved this summer, I was praying that more girls her age would move in, and two completely adorable little girls have moved in that Z just loves. (I’ll admit that I was also praying that I would like their moms, and I do! Hooray!)

I think I’m calling it a night.  What’s going on with you right now?

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  1. Cindy on

    Yay, you got the house! I’m so excited for you, not only to have more room but to have that kind of a beautiful yard for the kids to play in. It’s hard work moving so I wish you luck and wish I was there to help (at least to play with the girls while you did the hard stuff, lol!). After moving here with four kids Larry said he’d never move again and maybe he won’t. I want to downsize and move in the next couple of years though but it all depends on the economy and what happens when the last two get married. No more stairs for me (I hope).

    Kaje’ got the raccoon and it’s giving her much joy! I have to tell you that when she opened it and saw it that she said, “I love Maryanne” with a big smile on her face! My kids think you’re absolutely wonderful and so dang funny!

    I hope you got a good rest and that everyone feels better soon. 🙂

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