Pictures from today

We went out to play in the field today (really, to blow the heads off of dandelions), and look what we found!

There were a bunch of them, at least 10 within about a foot radius. The girls had a great time playing hide and seek with them.

4 thoughts on “Pictures from today

  1. Cindy on

    Wow, your photography is awesome! I can’t get pictures as clear as this. I think with me it’s the photographer’s fault though since I have a pretty nice camera.

    I’m praying for spring to come early this year. We’re expecting snow later today but I’ve been very thankful for the fact I could see the sun and blue sky for a bit the last couple of days. It’s been in the 30s and I sincerely have had spring fever bad! I’ve been deep cleaning and just enjoying life. I think when Larry retires we need to move somewhere warmer, lol! It will all depend on where all our kids end up though but I think I’m done with inversions and bitter cold weather. Let’s both pray for a beach and ocean near me when we move!!

  2. We soemtimes get a big container of them at OSH to help kill aphids…
    It’s always a happy day. 🙂

  3. The pictures are amazing what type of camara do you have?

  4. Maryanne on

    Meg, it’s a Pentax W90. It’s a nice little camera. I just try to get as close as I can and then crop in a lot. 🙂

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