More pictures, which feature Tiny to a disproportionate degree.

Easter dresses

Little miss in her dress

She’s a proper lady even when she’s not all dressed up. Check out that raised pinky!

This was from yesterday when it was raining. Notice how she’s crammed herself in between those flower pots to get as close to the rain as she can. She’s a crackup.

Today the girls found the only puddle left from yesterday to splash in.

How’s your day?

4 thoughts on “More pictures, which feature Tiny to a disproportionate degree.

  1. Beautiful girls you two make!!! I love, love, love that last shot. The perspective is just awesome. It makes the “puddle” seem so much smaller and forlorn.

  2. My day is great, thanks; just catching up on blogging about a certain wonderful book (!) and harassing folks about reply cards (a-hem)…

  3. Cindy on

    They are too adorable and I love those dresses! Tiny’s coat reminds me of the coat I had for the girls as an infant and now Savannah wears it! I saw a picture of your new nephew at gmas yesterday. He’s a doll and their little girl has grown so much! I can hardly wait to see you guys this summer! Yeehaw!!

  4. Cindy on

    Okay, I apologize for the “yeehaw!” It’s late and my brain thinks I live in Texas I guess, lol! Have a great day today!

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