Getting outside

Over at my other blog, I’m documenting my participation in a challenge related to Children and Nature month. The challenge is to get your kids outside every day and post a picture each day from your time outside. I started yesterday.

Here are some pictures from our time outside today in the rain. Tiny discovered the joy of splashing in puddles, Z found a leaf bigger than her head, we met a worm, and Z bonded with a snail.

And yes, my daughter is a tree hugging hippy. She can’t help it.

I love getting out in the rain, and the girls have been loving getting outside. And it makes for some very entertaining pictures. 🙂

One thought on “Getting outside

  1. Cindy on

    I have to smile at Zoe hugging the tree. Brianna hugs palm trees whenever she sees them. She just loves them! That worm looks incredibly long too, ick! The girls are growing to fast! I love to walk in the rain. It’s so calming and just a fun time!

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