Picture-y goodness

Zoe started dance class last week:

She’s enjoying it. Can you tell? And yes, it did take 2 ponytails and 4 pony holders to wrangle her bun into place.

Audrey is a crack-up, and possibly insane.

Her take on that?

“Me? Insane?”



“Of course!”

2 thoughts on “Picture-y goodness

  1. Cindy on

    This is such an absolutely adorable and fun time of their lives! I loved having my girls in dance. There’s nothing like watching these little girls and seeing how much fun they have with it! I actually miss these times with my girls, as busy as they were! I still can’t believe Audrey has so much hair for her age!

  2. Hilary on

    What great pictures!!! And what great little ladies. So cute. Love you!

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