Random thoughts

I just got back from 1/2 hr on the elliptical machine at the gym, and as such am only capable of expressing the random thoughts that have been floating around my head today.

1. Have you heard the band Owl City?  Today I realized that their songs are what crushing tweeners would have  imagined Legolas singing to them  a couple years back when Lord of the Rings was huge. (You know, ignoring the whole ruthlessly impaling people with arrows thing, because he’s sensitive, dang it!)  Seriously, if songs are too twee for me, that’s saying something major.

2. I know I’m risking wrath here, but I CAN NOT see the appeal of John Mayer. He may be on my top 5 most disliked musicians list.

3. In a factor of about a billion more ( I don’t know how to say that, I don’t know math) than I dislike John Mayer, I HATE (HATE!) the smell that assaults you as you walk past Ambercrombie and Fitch at the mall. How does anyone shop there? Does this opinion make me old? Possibly.

4. I tried on roughly 17 dresses today (I have a hot date coming up!) and none were either long enough or had the right neckline. Or the sleeves were wrong. My friends who have similar dressing issues as I do- where do you find dresses? Not even fancy ones, just regular ones? I’m totally striking out here.

5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is ramping up into something really interesting and unexpected. It probably wasn’t unexpected to anyone else in the world, but seeing as I seem to have had a pathological inability to remember  ANYTHING about the book before I started – (seriously, I’d read about it a number of times but could never recall anything about it, and then e-mailed a friend to ask him about it because I thought I remembered him mentioning it , and he responded that I had, in fact, GIVEN him the book)- the emerging locked door mystery was a pleasant surprise.

6. The genuis mix on my Nano right now is totally scoring for me. Gene, Travis, Suede, Manic Street Preachers,  U2 – awesome.

7. I have about 20 JD Salinger short stories in my possession that I have never read before. All previously published in magazines or such, but never collected. Unread Salinger, that’s about as close to literary heaven as I can get.  I’m also planning a re-read of Catcher in the Rye in honor of Salinger’s passing; I haven’t read it since high school.

8. I have lovely new rainboots- black and white go-go boot style. Truly the most happy making rainboots I’ve ever owned.  I can’t wait for it to rain again.

9. Speaking of lovely new things, I have the schnazziest new computer ever seen. She is tiny, she is shiny, she is quick and ruthlessly efficient. She’s pretty dang close to silent, and could take down any computer that got near her. She’s beautifully organized, but I can tell she has a firmly based core of feist. If she got drunk I’m almost positive she would punch her commanding officer in the face.  (Ok, so maybe not.) But, as such, she has been christened Starbuck. B made her for me, and she is almost as wonderful as he is.

10. It’s almost my bedtime. Tiny has been waking up obscenely early, which means I have been waking up just as obscenely early. Obscene, I tell you. Anyway, I’m going to bed.  Otherwise I’ll be grumpy in the morning, and that’s no fun for anyone. Just ask, they’ll tell you.  And I have to teach Sunday School tomorrow. Someone remind me of that tomorrow, I’m almost certain to forget. It’s a good lesson though, I’m excited.

What random thoughts have you had today?

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. bruce on

    She’s beautifully organized, but I can tell she has a firmly based core of feist
    For the record, she has a quad core processor, so does she have 3 other core attributes or quadruple feist?

  2. Well, I have an Owl City song as my ringtone, so p’rhaps we’ll just agree to disagree on that 🙂 Or p’rhaps I’m a secret tween…yeah, that’s it, a 31 year old tween…

    I’m rereading Catcher in the Rye also…I didn’t get it or enjoy it much in high school, so I’m giving it another shot.

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