Thanks giving Day 15

Today I am incredibly grateful for the bullets I have dodged in my life. Looking back at guys I dated and the choices they have since made, I’m so glad I got off those trains when I did. (Are you enjoying my metaphors here? I’ll see how many more I can fit in.)  (And for the record, I don’t usually sit around thinking back over the guys I’ve dated, I just heard about one of them this evening, and it got me thinking.)

There’s inactivity, divorce, infidelity …  and I’m so not full of myself enough to think that those things wouldn’t have happened had I been the one they married.  So I’m very thankful today for the promptings -either to me or to them (both happened) – that we weren’t supposed to be together, as hard as it might have been to go through at the time.

I’m so thankful to have a wonderful, loving husband who cherishes me and our kids, who honors his priesthood and magnifies his calling, who supports me in everything I even think of attempting, and who works so hard to take care of all of us.  I know we were led to each other, and I’m thankful that we listened.

2 thoughts on “Thanks giving Day 15

  1. I’m glad you ended up with Bruce too, darling, and I suppose I’m grateful I didn’t marry any of the boys I dated (or hopelessly crushed over) before. I’m certainly a happy camper with Joey 🙂

  2. Did you know I was engaged before, or that two other guys had asked me to marry them other than Larry? True story. When I met Larry the last thing I wanted was to have a boyfriend bz I’d just gone through a nasty breakup with my fiance. Larry was just my friend for a long time and I never EVER would have thought we’d ever get married. He never dated anyone but me and said he knew from the beginning that I was who he wanted to be with forever. Kind of scary since he was only 15 when we met and I was 19. We worked together and eventually things worked out. I’m still amazed that I married him bz our relationship never did make sense!

    P.S. Contrary to some of your cousins’ belief, I did not keep Larry from serving a mission. I actually encouraged him to go on many occasions. We all make our own choices and I’m happy your’s led you to Bruce. You seem so very happy!

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