Thanks giving Day 14

Today (and again, all days) I’m thankful for my gorgeous, beloved sister. She hosted a birthday party at her house today of truly insane proportions, and did it brilliantly.  15+ kids, all dressed in Star Wars costumes (which she provided — viva after Halloween sales) went through Jedi training camp, two pinatas, and a bounce house.  And Darth Vader showed up and was pummeled with water balloons. It was lovely. 🙂


And through it all, she kept track (as only an Auntie can) of this little padawan:


making sure she was ok in the midst of bigger kids, giving her the 1st piece of cake after the birthday boys, making her feel loved and cherished, as she always does.

I am thankful for her for so many reasons, these are just my reasons of the day. Well, those and that even though she claims her brain just stopped when the bounce house tipped over, she still got right in there to pull kids out.  But that’s a story for another day. 🙂  (Seriously though, have you ever seen a bounce house tip over? Dramatic. And they’re heavy to pull back upright too.) (Don’t worry, no one was hurt.)

2 thoughts on “Thanks giving Day 14

  1. Oh my gosh, more pictures please!! How brave to have that many young Jedi! This is a party that Travis would have loved as a kid. He was so into Star Wars! I love Darth Vader being pelted with water balloons too! You and Liz are so amazing! Today I’m thankful to get to know you better through blogging and maybe just a teeny bit of getting to know Liz better too!

  2. Hilary on

    Awesome! Liz is pretty amazing (as are you, my dear). What is so funny is that Justin actually did a kids birthday party as the jedi instructor about 6 months ago. What a fun idea!

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