My own gratitude walk

It is absolutely gorgeous outside today. Overcast and windy with a touch of sun, it’s perfect autumn weather.  After taking a look at the stunning clouds this morning, and hearing more than just a little whining for so early in the morning, I bundled up the girls and forced them outside for a walk. (Z really wanted to just stay home, but once she got outside she was loving it.)

As we walked I took pictures of things I’m grateful for.

Gorgeous clouds…



yummy caramel hot chocolate….


cute girls in coats (and the beloved auntie who provided said coats)…



this face…


and this one…


a monkey…


(we had nothing to do with the monkey, just stumbled across it. But Z thought it was the coolest thing ever.)

Z’s imagination. She looked at this and called me back, asking if it was a drawing of Tigger (Do you see him?) ….


Now we’re home, watching Cars (Zoe), playing (Tiny), and sewing (me). Pictures of the current project to come.

What are you grateful for today?

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