Of good report

Things making me happy today:

I went and bought Tiny new shoes this weekend, and on the back wall of the Striderite outlet, they had sale shoes. The biggest size they had was a 5, but these shoes were so cute I had to try them on, and through some time space anomaly (that’s really the only possible explanation for it) they fit my size 7-7 1/2 feet perfectly. It was like Cinderella and the glass slipper. (Apparently that’s how the slipper fit her and only her- time space anomaly. Now you know.) Check them out:

100_4701So cute, yes?

On the same trip I wandered into Old Navy and found THE PERFECT JEANS. Seriously. They fit perfectly.

on662350-03qlv01That picture is not me. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of pants that you’re currently wearing? It’s difficult. Anyway, these are the Dreamer style jeans, and they’re only $25 at the Old Navy at the Great Mall right now. The waist hits at your actual waist (at least mine) so there’s no weird gaping or pinching or feeling like a stuffed sausage. I LOVE them.

White chocolate Reeces Peanut Butter cups. B calls them an abomination, and he may be right.  (He may also be crazy. It may also be a lunatic he’s looking for. 15 points if you get that.) They’re still delicious.

I have a new basil plant. That means fresh basil.  It’s not doing terribly well though, which makes me wonder if plants are like cats- if you raise them from tiny things yourself it just goes better. I got this one full grown from Safeway. We’ll see how it goes.

The Relief Society General Meeting Broadcast was last weekend, and it was amazing. I love that we really seem to be getting back to the roots of the organization- that it is a society, that we meet in order to plan out physical and spiritual relief efforts, and to support and nurture each other; that it’s not just something they made so we have something to do on Sunday.  I have a deep love for the Relief Society, I love its history and the incredible good it does. I brought Z with me to the broadcast (long story involving late developing separation anxiety) and she did incredibly well. And now she can say she was there when they did away with Enrichment. (heeheehee)

I keep hearing the Shrek version of These Boots are Made for Walking on Sirrius kids radio, and every time it makes me think of Jeff’s (my bro-in-law) impression of a drunk Nancy Sinatra, which never fails to make me laugh.

Tiny has started saying the word please, “peeees?”, and doing the sign for it, and it is freakin’ adorable. She also pointed to a statue of a duck yesterday and said “ducka!”. Then she did it again later with a rubber duck, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

What’s making you happy today?

2 thoughts on “Of good report

  1. I get 15 points bz that’s from the Billy Joel song “You May Be Right!!” Yay me (at least I think that’s the right name of the song but for sure it’s Billy Joel!). What’s making me happy today is that today we got some more of Travis’ mission clothes today (I think the credit card is going to spontaneously combust soon). His suit is being altered and his six pairs of pants are being hemmed (two go with the suit). I’m glad he only has to have one suit. Eight short sleeved shirts are on order and paid for but we do have the two long sleeved shirts so we’re getting there. It was a busy but good day in that respect. On another front today I’m happy bz I’m a step closer to finishing Maryanne’s prize!

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