Lessons learned today

In an attempt to focus on the positive today, here is a list of a few of the lessons I learned today. These are things you may already know; if so, consider the reminder a public service announcement.

1. When leaving the house, if the 3 year old says that she will carry the bag containing everyone’s lunch, realize that it will not make it out of the house.

2. No matter how delicious the lunch is that is so kindly provided by the home you are visiting (in replacement for the lunch left at home) may be, realize that said 3 year old will eat none of it, and just don’t fight it.

3. When you think that said 3 year old has been suspiciously quiet and probably needs to poop, don’t take her “I don’t need to poop or pee” as an answer. Take her to the bathroom. Immediately.

4. Before you head to the library, check to make sure it is not Admissions Day, the day commemorating California’s admission into the United States which the library celebrates by admitting no one.

5. If your one year old is peacefully taking a morning nap, do not wake her up under the assumption that it’s only been an hour and a half, and she went down early, so she’ll probably take another nap in the afternoon. She will not. She will scream. As though someone is attempting wisdom teeth extraction without anesthetic. On a baby. Who has no wisdom teeth to extract. For 45 minutes.

6. Similarly, do not assume that even though the 3 year old is whiny and acting completely exhausted that she will take a nap, even though today of all days would be a perfect one for her to sleep because she will be staying up late. She will whine.  She will whine until you wish you were undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction without anesthetic. (OK, so it wasn’t quite that bad, but it seemed like an appropriate tie in from the above paragraph, and I’m looking to cheer myself up here. Don’t judge me!)

7. When frustrated, try to find joy in the little things. Like an adorable, perfect, nickle sized tomato:

or beautifully designed book covers:


or odd and lovely websites,

or digital cameras so you can take a million pictures of this:



Just call her Tiny Katana: Rocker.

5 thoughts on “Lessons learned today

  1. Hilary on

    Oh, Maryanne, I’m sorry you had a rough day. I empathize. I hope your post cheered you up, because it sure did cheer me up. 🙂

  2. Maryanne on

    Thanks Hil. Writing the post did help. 🙂 As did the posings of the little rocker. 🙂 I love you!

  3. I smiled at your day, not bz I’m cruel but bz it really took me back in time. There were so many times that Brianna whined all day nearly every day and I wondered why God would torture me so with a whiner 11 months after my first baby was born! Luckily she lived to be an adult and I now see that God knew what he was doing. It’s rough and exhausting raising these little ones but you’re doing the most important thing you’ll do in your life, raising righteous children of God! Amazing isn’t it, that He trusts us with them. Tomorrow is another day (think Scarlett O’Hara) so don’t think any more on it today bz tomorrow is bound to be better! 🙂

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