Split personality

Do you ever feel yourself pulled between two parts of your own personality?

I do, all the time. My inner conflict of the day was set off by visiting Anthropologie.

It set off the deep seated conflict between my warring aesthetic preferences.





Our place has little pieces of both — far too much clutter to be either — but oh how I love the boho. And yet I’m really not sure I could pull it off in mass quantities without it just looking wrong.

I’d dress boho if I thought in any way I could do so, (you know, minus the big fur hat)

but I know I can’t, so it’s black on black for me, and that’s ok most of the time. It’s just when I visit meccas of boho such as Anthropologie that I want to start a revolution in my bed and change everything up.

So if you were me, what would you do? Do you covet a style you feel you can’t pull off? Discuss.

2 thoughts on “Split personality

  1. bruce on

    boho is nice and all, but I think it has too much potential to go straight to clutter

  2. Yeah, simplicity. I feel called to it, to pare down and live simply, but I love “stuff” too much, so I just buy, buy, buy and periodically throw a lot of crap away. Wow, I just realized I’m a style bulimic. Well, that’s just great…

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