The best thing I’ve seen in the whole of today

Extra points to anyone who can name where the title of this post is from.

My friend Stephanie just posted this picture on her blog, and I immediately asked her for a copy, because it captures the essence of Zoe like no other.


This was taken at her birthday party, as she was surrounded by her “little boys” as she calls them (“Is my little boy Ben going to be there?”), basking in the attention in which she is so at home.

Ah, I love it.

3 thoughts on “The best thing I’ve seen in the whole of today

  1. Cindy on

    How cute! I wonder what ever made her start calling them her “little boys!” I love that everyone seems to be in green too!

  2. bruce on

    oo, oo, I know where the title comes from!

  3. That’s a lovely pic, and I’ve got nothin’ on where it comes from 🙂

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