Of good report

Things making me incredibly happy right now.

Zoe and B are watching Mythbusters together as I type. Z thinks it’s the coolest thing ever as the cars crash and launch over fences. B thinks it’s the coolest thing that she’s so excited about it.

I got to take a 2 hour nap today. It was lovely.

Tiny had pizza for dinner for the first time today. That’s a big thing in Snell households. She enjoyed it. It’s wonderful having a child who eats.

A hummingbird drank from Z’s zinnias today. I didn’t see it- Zoe and B did- but just the idea of it makes me incredibly happy.

Lots of interesting (to me, anyway) thoughts rolling around in my head. Expect a rather long post soon.

What’s making you happy today?

2 thoughts on “Of good report

  1. Pam on

    My baby ate pizza for the first time on the same day. She loved it too, they must be in cahoots.

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